Department of Biological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal

Personal Details

  • Name: Dr. Varun Chaudhary
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Department: Biological Sciences
  • E-Mail: varun.c[AT]
  • Phone: +91 755 269 1421

Awards and Fellowships

  • Ramalingaswamy Fellowship by Department of Biotechnology (April 2017)

Academic Details

  • Assistant Professor (June 2015 onwards): Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2015): German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg Germany
  • PhD (2005- 2009): Dept. of Biomedical sciences, University of Sheffield.

Research Interest

  • Functional analysis of Wnt signaling pathways in development, tissue patterning and diseases. Secreted Wnt proteins plays a pivotal role in development and progression of disease like colorectal cancer. Work done mainly in Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) over last 3 decades has identified several well-conserved molecular players of the Wnt protein mediated signalling pathways, however we are still far from understanding the mechanisms by which these signalling pathways regulate tissue growth and patterning. Particularly their role in patterning polarized epithelial tissues remains unknown.

    We are using the Drosophila model to understand the processes regulating epithelial patterning. We use combinations of cell and developmental biology tools to investigate how Wnt proteins are secreted and how they regulating patterning of epithelial tissue.
  • Understand mechanisms of Wnt protein secretion and signalling in polarized epithelium.
  • To solve the issue of how Wnt morphogens regulate tissue growth and patterning.
  • Investigate the relationship between Wnt signalling and intracellular vesicle trafficking.
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Swapnil Hingole
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Open Positions

I am looking for a Junior Research Fellow to work on understanding the mechanisms of Wnt protein secretion in Drosophila. Interested candidates may write directly to me at with cover letter describing personal qualifications and research interests and Curriculum vitae with name and contact details of two-three references

Eligible candidates should hold a master degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline including Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/Life Sciences or any other related field.

Although not necessary, candidates with experience in microscopy, image analysis, molecular biology and genetics are encouraged to apply.

Current lab members

Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Khusboo Kashyap (
PhD Students
  • Viniti Tomar (
  • Juilee Sabnis (
  • Pranab K. Paul (
  • Swapnil Hingole (
Current BS-MS project students
  • Subham Biswas (
  • Rounak Chaurasia (

Past Members

  • Midhun Mohan M (BS-MS)
  • Arvind Meena (BS-MS)
  • Himanshu Teta (BS-MS)