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List of Candidates recommended for admission in PhD programme
Date of Interview/Written Test: November 12-13, 2020

Mr. Ajinkya Bharatraj Patil attended the prestigious ICTS Fourth Bangalore School on Population Genetics and Evolution with full financial support from the Government of India. The population genomics manuscript published by Mr. Patil in the reputed journal Gene has also been featured in a popular blog (Indiblogger rank 61).

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IYBA felicitation to Dr. Atul Kumar
Floral diversity within the genus Hedychium from India.
The MATE9 gene regulates flowering time in Arabidopsis.
Fluorescence imaging of bacteria for cellular protein and cell membrane.
Voltage-Dependent Anion Channel dynamics in lipid membranes
Kaas plateau, Maharashtra. A UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

About Department

Department of Biological Sciences at IISER-Bhopal started functioning in August 2008 with the enrolment of the first batch of students for the BS-MS integrated course. The aim of the department is to foster knowledge in students pertaining to basic and advanced areas of biological sciences by not only pursuing both teaching and high-quality research but also through integrating biology with physics, chemistry and mathematics. The academic and research contributions of the faculties in this department have been recognized in the form of publications, projects, fellowships and awards.

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